Back to school!

Going back to school can be stressful enough without having to worry about making sure you have all the supplies you need, for whatever comes your way. Whether it’s starting college, university or your new job we have the products to help you along.

At Auteur, we love products that look amazing, and do their bit for the environment – giving you that extra feel-good factor. We have put together our essentials from brands that you will love and that are a must have for heading back to school, or starting a new job!

Our top picks!


Our top pick is the Hip reusable water bottle. It has a similar shape to a hip flask, flatter than a standard water bottle so is great to slip into your bag or handbag – we know how much you have to carry! Hip comes in a range of six colours and textures, perfect for you and your friends to have a different colour each. With schools and offices encouraging reusable water bottles over single-serve plastics, Hip is a must!



If your heading to college or university, we know how many of those late-night library sessions are ahead of you. Don’t be caught short and left paying the latte-levy charge at coffee chains. Grab yourself a Stojo and save all the pennies you can with the discounts on offer racking up each time you have a coffee. Plus – at only £9.99 for the Pocket Cup range, your cup will have paid for itself after a few trips.


A cool new lunchbox is a must-have for each new school year. bobbleBox comes in three different colours, in two different sizes, 1.1L and 1.8L, so whether you’re a grab a sandwich and go kind of person, or a gourmet diner, bobbleBox has a version to suit you. The 1.8L lunchbox features a removable shelf with a divider, meaning you can pack your fruits, nuts or sweet treats in the same lunchbox. Less sandwich bags in use, plus more space in your bag – win-win!

bobble Pure is a little bit of luxury to add to your style. Bobble Pure is a reusable water bottle with a difference. Pure is made from a lightweight borosilicate glass with a shock-resistant silicone cover, protecting it from bumps and falls. Pure is great for all year round, suitable for hot drinks in the winter, and cold drinks in the summer – plus has a straw top lid for your smoothies.