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Corkcicle Brands FAQs

Is my Corkcicle dishwasher safe?

Good news! As of January 2020, some Canteens, Tumblers, Stemless Wine Cups, and Mugs may be categorised as top-rack dishwasher safe. Corkcicle are working to transition most of their Drinkware products to be top-rack dishwasher safe. Please refer to the product label when purchasing a new product. If you purchased your product before this January 2020, Corkcicle stainless steel drinkware products must be hand-washed.


How do I clean my Corkcicle Tumbler or Stemless Lid?

Corkcicle purposely makes the lids clear so you will always know your lid is as clean as it should be. Both the rubber seal and the plastic slider can be easily removed, but please use caution disassembling and reassembling. The rubber seal can be slipped off and on. The plastic slider can be removed by sliding it all the way open and pushing on one of the small plastic tabs on the bottom side of the slider. You will reassemble it by doing just the opposite. Corkcicle lids are dishwasher safe, however, we suggest using baking soda and lemon juice, or household vinegar to clean your Lid.


What is my Corkcicle product made of?

Corkcicle hydration products are crafted from a triple-insulated, premium-grade stainless steel, and meet all FDA standards. The Tumbler Lid is made of Tritan plastic, which is BPA-free, clear, durable, and safe. Where are Corkcicle Products made? Corkcicle products are designed in Orlando, FL, and manufactured in factories throughout China. All Corkcicle factories are audited for best practices with regards to ethics, general safety, and environmental compliances.


My Stemless Flute did not come with a lid?

Corkcicle Stemless Flutes purposely do not have a lid. After testing different types of lids, none of them functioned to our product standards. The pressure of the carbonation of champagne and prosecco causes the lid to slowly pop up, creating a leak in the seal around the lid. But don't worry - It will still keep your drink nice and chilled for hours.


Is my Corkcicle Tumbler leakproof?

Corkcicle Tumbler lids are designed to be spill-resistant so you don’t have to worry about any major spills. However, it’s not designed to be completely leak-proof. There is a tiny steam hold on the top of the slider piece, so be sure to keep your Tumbler upright when you’re on the go. Corkcicle Canteens on the other hand are completely leak-proof! If you're looking for a product you can toss in your bag with no worries, a Canteen is the choice for you.


How long will my Corkcicle Tumbler keep drinks cold or hot for?

Crafted from stainless steel with proprietary triple insulation, Corkcicle Tumblers keeps contents cold and refreshing for 9+ hours and hot for 3.


How long will my Corkcicle Canteen keep drinks cold or hot for?

Crafted from stainless steel with proprietary triple insulation, Corkcicle Canteens keeps contents cold and refreshing for 25+ hours and hot for 12. 

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