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Introducing Hip With Purpose

There is a lot of mixed messaging around sustainability in the consumer products world, Hip want to bring clarity to this, and sustainability in materials and manufacturing. By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, with 150 million tonnes of plastic currently littering our oceans. Plastic bottles can take anywhere from 450 years to 1000 years to decompose, however they are used as a single-serve product – so spend less than a few hours being used. Something needs to change.

Hip wanted to create a range of products that drives awareness to the single-serve plastic problem, changing the perception of plastic within the consumer industries, and also provides a solution to repurpose plastic that already exists on the planet.


Hip with Purpose, is a range of ever expanding products, that are created from Ocean Bound Plastic – Reusing plastic that already exists. Ocean Bound Plastic is material collected from communities with no formal waste management within 50km of the shoreline – so plastic that would otherwise become waste. The material collected is processed in Asia into small plastic pellets, before being shipped to our factory for final production. On average, for every 1g of Ocean Bound Plastic we create, you are saving 1 plastic bottle from entering our coastlines, and for every piece of our product, we use up to 230 bottles for each piece made.

Our newest product to the Hip with Purpose range is Hip Clutch, the all in one lunch box that has everything you need, all packed in a stylish lifestyle accessory. Hip Clutch has reinvented lunchtimes with its handbag style lunchbox, in a range of on trend colours so there is one for you and your friends. With a reusable cutlery set and dressing pot included, you can be ready to eat your meals whenever you fancy.

Help make a difference to our plastic polluted coastlines with Hip with Purpose.

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