‘Single-use’ is the Word of the Year 2018.

Each year, Collins select a word from a shortlist that has been key to the year’s language use, and for 2018 they announced the Word of the Year for 2018 is ‘Single-use’.


‘Single-use’ refers to products that are made to be used once before disposal, and Collins say the increase in the use of the word is from BBC’s Blue Planet II effect, raising awareness of what single use plastic is doing to our planet.


With an expected ‘Latte-Levy’ to be introduced in the coming months, as well as a ‘Bad-Plastic’ tax, now is the time for consumers to change their habits. Housewares retailers have been noticing the change, with John Lewis noticing a 71% increase in the sales of reusable coffee cups and a 37% increase in sustainable water bottles.


‘Single-use’ is something we are fighting at Auteur, there are so many reusable alternatives available to consumers, it is so easy to ditch disposables. We offer many different reusable coffee cups, water bottles and lunchboxes to customers, offering something for everyone whether you’re a commuter, an office worker or a fitness guru!